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New 3000kg diesel Rough Terrain Forklift truck with side shift and fork positioner

The Nalift Diesel Forklifts capacity are 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg, 3500kg, mast lift height up to 6m. Nalift Diesel Trucks standard equipped with integral side shift, fork positioner, Krupp mast steel, hydraulic brake, etc
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Product Item: Nalift 3000kg Diesel Forklift Truck with Side Shift And Fork Positioner

· Nalift diesel forklift trucks standard with integral side shifter, fork positioner, hydraulic brake, Krupp channel steel, etc

· Great for outdoor use. Nalift diesel trucks are not adversely affected by wet or damp weather.
· Less down time. If fuel level is low, you simply fill the tank. No need to lose time charging a battery.

· Better performance. Acceleration, forklift speed, driveline torque at low RPM, and other performance capabilities are superior and it can easily handle any hydraulic additions.

· Lower noise and emission. Yanmar 4TNE92/4TNE98 engine provides better mechanical performance, lower exhaust emission.

· Better visibility. The Germany Krupp channel steel is narrower and the mast were built wider. There is nothing blocking the operator’s front and rear view. 
· Less maintenance issues. Nalift diesel forklift requires less scheduled and repair maintenance and has longer engine life compared to propane models.

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Nalift Diesel Forklift Specifications

Features Manufacturer




KG 3000

Load center
MM 500




Seated operation

Tyres (f/r)

Solid tyre

Number of tyres (f/r)

Size Max. fork height
MM 3000

Free lift
MM 135

Fork size T x W x L MM 45*120*1070

Fork distance
MM 1070/240

Mast tilt degree α/β
Degree 6/11

Overall length
MM 2775

Overall width
MM 1240

Max. height mast lowered
MM 2015

Max. height mast extended
MM 4220

Overhead guard height
MM 2170

Turning radius
MM 2430

Load distance(distance from center line of front axle to vertical planof fork)
MM 485

Length of rear frame
MM 595

Right angle stack access
MM 2915
Performance Max. drive speed (load) f/r
KM/H 18.5/18.5

Max. drive speed (unload) f/r
KM/H 19.0/19.0

Lift speed (load)
MM/S 600

Lift speed (unload)
MM/S 670

Lower speed (load)
MM/S 540

Lower speed (unload)
MM/S 570

Max. traction force (load)
KG 19500(1990)

Max traction force (unload)
KG 10600(1080)

Max.traction force (1.5km/h) (load)
KG 17000(1730)

Gradeability (1.5km/h)
% 24

Gradeability (load)
% 27

Gradeability (unload)
% 20
Weight Total weight
KG 4290

Full load (front)
KG 6270

Full load (rear)
KG 1020

Unload (front)
KG 1530

Unload (rear)
KG 2760
Tyre number (f/r)


Tyre size front


Tyre size rear


MM 1700

Wheel tread front
MM 1010

Wheel tread rear
MM 965

Height of load backrest
MM 1220

Roof guard clearance
MM 1055

Rear counterweight height
MM 1130

Center height of tie rod pin
MM 335

Pedal height
MM 495/730

Full load ground clearance (min)(mast)
MM 115

Full load ground clearance(wheelbase center)
MM 185

Tilt degree (frame/rear counterweight)
% 62/49

Foot brake


Hand brake

Driving  Battery voltage/capacity
V/AH 12/80
Control Engine brand/model
Device Engine power
KW 32.8/43.7

Engine torquer
N.m 135.4~149.4/177.6~196.3

Cylinder number-cylinder diameter x stroke
MM 4--92X100/4-98X110

Piston displacement
L 2.659/3.319

Fuel capacity
L 60

Model of transmission

Dynamic gear-shift

Transmission switch (f/r)


Working pressure (attachment)
Mpa(kg/cm2) 15.7(160)
Standrad Integral side shifter

Fork positioner

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