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Nalift is a scientific research-oriented material handling equipment manufacturer. The company has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of four series of products: internal combustion counterweight, electric counterweight, high-location storage, and special vehicle models.

With multiple certifications, the products have passed CE, SGS certifications, as well as China's special equipment manufacturing license. The company adheres to the concept of high-quality development, and all employees are senior technicians who have been in the forklift industry for more than 10-30 years.

The core components of the product are all imported from first-line brands in developed countries such as Europe, and the production and assembly are completed in the domestic processing center.

The company has focused on the production of narrow aisle forklifts for 40 years, has multiple production lines, short delivery cycles, and has high market awareness, product development, and quality control capabilities.

The European Center established in London, UK is mainly responsible for: market research, product development, supply chain management, international marketing and other businesses.

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