How to replenish the battery of the electric forklift correctly.

Mar 18 , 2021
Nalift articulated forklifts are powered by batteries. If the Nalift narrow aisle forklift battery is used properly, the service life is generally about 3-4 years. On the contrary, the service life is greatly shortened. Therefore, users need to add water after using the battery of the electric forklift for a period of time to make the battery life of the battery forklift longer.
narrow aisle forklift

Automatic water replenishment:

The Nalift articulated VNA forklift battery is equipped with an automatic water replenishing device as standard. You only need to correctly connect the battery to the water replenishing device when the battery is charging.

Automatic water replenishment

Manual water replenishment:

First open the battery cover, then you can see the rubber cap of the exhaust valve. Then open the rubber cap to expose the vent hole, through the vent hole you can see the inside of the battery. The exhaust valve base of some batteries can be unscrewed, and the exhaust valve base can be unscrewed without opening the rubber exhaust valve. There are some fillers around the rubber caps of some batteries.

Open the cover and check whether there is dryness inside the small hole and the location of the water volume, that is, whether the battery is short of water. The plate of the battery is wrapped with white glass fiber cotton, which should be moist under normal conditions. Use a water replenishment tool to suck in distilled water into the battery through the vent. Cover the vent hole with the water-filled battery with a breathable shield to prevent dust from falling into the vent hole. It is best to use medical double distilled water. The principle of hydrating is to take less and not more. If it is not enough, it can be added. If it is too much, the proportion of acid will decrease, and the battery capacity will be insufficient. Do not use any metal-containing appliances as the water replenishment tool.

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