The Introduction of Nalift articulated narrow aisle forklift.

Dec 13 , 2020

The introduction of Nalift articulated very narrow aisle forklift

Less Cost

Narrower Aisle
Higher Productivity

Up To 12.4M

1.8m Working Aisle Width

Proportional Valve

Full AC 80V Control System
Smart Fingertip Armrest Control

Fingertip armrest
fingertip joystick

Fingertip armrest control provides better driving experience, more flexible operation.

Providing inching move model, it helps drivers to operate it in narrow aisles more accurately.

With better inching performance, it is very suitable for high lifting working environment.

Proportional valve solenoid valve
Electro-hydraulic proportional valve match with fingertip armrest can adjust the speed of mast lifting/falling, side shift and tilting at will, making it easier and more accurate to pick up/unload goods in narrow aisles.
AC Lifting motor electric lifting motor

80V AC 15KW

Lifting speed:0.44/0.5m/s

External encoder bearing easy for maintenance

AC driving motor electric driving motor

80V AC 19.5kw/h

Driving speed: 16km/h

Gradeability: 18%/20%

External encoder easy for maintenance

ZAPI controller zapi controller
80v full AC ZAPI dual-core controller, lower current, lower heating, lower failure rate, slow aging electric components.
Cooling fans cooling fans
Standard equipped with two efficient cooling fans, even in high temperature working environment it can cool down the motor and gear pump quickly.

Guiding lasers guiding laser

Standard equipped with guiding lasers. When the laser point to pallet center then drivers can steer direction, pushing forks into fork section accurately. It reduces accidents greatly.

Motor&gear forklift gears

The steering motor drives the larger gear through the smaller gear, which is more labor-saving and prolong gear service life.

The multi-layer sealing technology inside the steering motor solves the oil leakage problem, and the fixed device is added to ensure the motor does not shake.

1/3 gear clearance of other brands, it ensure the strength of the structure.

Wireless camera wireless camera
The wireless camera will help drivers to locate pallets accurately, reduces accidents.
Suspension seat forklift seat
Adjustable suspension seat with presence switch, OPS system, safe belt.
Side shift side shift
All nalift articulated forklift installed with integral side shift and load backrest.
Solid tyres forklift solid tyres
Shock-absorve solid tyres, whilt and balck avaliable.

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