Why choose the Nalift narrow aisle forklift?

Nov 24 , 2020

Why choose the Nalift vna narrow aisle articulated forklift?

articulated forklifts

Because it can lift up to 12.4m, aisle width as narrow as 1.8m. Nalift narrow aisle forklifts has a 220 degree articulating angle, it makes the truck can flexible working in ultra-narrow channels. Comparing to counterbalance forklifts, Nalift vna forklift trucks creates 50% more pallet positions, comparing to reach trucks it creates 30% more pallet positions.

Full Nalift articulated forklifts ranges are standard equipped with 80V AC ZAPI dual-core controller which makes it has a lower failure rates and creates lower heat after long time using, 80V AC lifting motor and driving motor and 80V 400ah-600ah lead acid battery or li-ion battery which provides stronger power, increases efficiency and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

zapi controller
The Nalift VNA forklifts also equipped with fingertip control armrest, it provides more comfortable control experience, it is more flexible. Matched with proportional valve, it makes drivers operating the trucks more accurate. The fingertip armrest/joystick has a special picking mode, when push the button the machine will move forward/backward in turtle speed, so drivers don't need to worry about losing control of speed, this will protects both drivers safety and clients property. With this excellent inching performance and firm construction of chassis and mast, the nalift narrow aisle articulating forklifts are perfect for high lifting, narrow aisle and high-duty working environments.
fingertip armrest
The electro-hydraulic proportional valve is standard part on Nalift, it makes the valve speed(lifting/drooping, side shift, tilt, double-deep reach) can be adjusted according to driver's will, which makes the driver pick up/unload pallets in narrow aisles much more easier and more accurate.
solenoid valve
Nalift very narrow aisle forklifts can operate on any floor surface, so it can move pallet from lorry to rack in just one step, drivers doesn't need to change equipments when the truck goes in from outside the warehouse, eliminating double handling, , so it save much time and money.

Besides, the maintenance cost of Nalift is significantly less than complicated reach trucks/swing reach truck. The ergonomics design makes Nalift vna has faster load cycle time and it reduces drivers fatigue when working long hours.

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