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6 units Nalift VNA articulated forklifts were shipped to a new dealer

Dec 22 , 2020

6 units Nalift vna articulated forklifts were shipped to a new dealer

It was really a very exciting experience. At first the buyer compared our VNA forklifts with other brands, including performance, service, price, quality and delivery time. After around 45 days of consideration, he finally decided to buy from us Nalift(

aisle master narrow aisle forklift

The end user’s pallets are 1000x1200mm(depth x width), aisle width are 6 inches (1828.8mm). Our Nalift15 vna trucks needs 1800mm aisle width.

articulated forklifts

Initially, they only wanted to buy one Nalift15 1500kg 5200mm machine to try it out(actually we didn’t know how many units they will need during this period), because they had not drove it personally, and they were not sure whether the quality was really as reliable as we said. And this was the first time they buy articulated forklifts.

articulating forklifts

Then everything went on as usual. The turning point came before they were ready to pay. They suddenly decided to have six at a time on the condition that we grant them the sole agency. Because they did some investigations about our company and contacted some of our customers, they got very positive comments. Besides, they also asked SGS to do the factory audit, so they made this decision. In addition to these 6 units, they promised to buy 3 more machines immediately after receiving the goods if they were in good use. I’m Nalift certainly won't let them down.

vna forklifts

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