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New delivery of Nalift narrow aisle forklifts 3000kg 12.4m.

Dec 05 , 2020
Congratulations to Nalift for successfully delivering 2units 3000kg 12.4m VNA forklifts to their loyal agent. This partner has made great achievements since signing the agency contract with us. They has successfully introduced the Nalift brand to the local market and been accepted by users. In return, we offered them additional discounts in the hope that they can continue to accelerate the expansion of the market.

very narrow aisle forklift

vna forklift trucks

Our story began with an email. That day, they sent us an enquiry about the narrow aisle forklift, but this was the first time they have seen the articulated forklift from China, they were really worried about our quality and after-sales service etc. So we tried our best to show them our product configurations and technical strength. After weeks of deliberation he was ready to order a demo truck. To show our sincerity, we offered a special discount and shipped the truck to the local port for free. The moment they received the machine, they felt very shocked. The texture and comfort and maneuverability far exceeded their expectations.

narrow aisle forklifts

Later, we brought our articulated forklifts to the CeMAT exhibition and met with them, which was a very happy meeting. Now they have become one of our most important partners.

articulating forklifts

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